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Где найти zikz 566a в snowrunner

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ZiKZ 566A

Store ZiKZ556A

A medium-duty vehicle that first saw the light of day in the late 50s. By modern standards, it is quite powerful, but not the most reliable and voracious truck, however, the presence of overall wheels allows it to feel good under various road conditions. Equipped with a special fire tank.


Unlocking [ ]

ZiKZ 566A is found on the Burned Forest map in Ontario on the course of Help the Villagers 3 task. The mission is available after completing Exploring the Burned-out Infrastructure contract and unlocking the Burned Forest, player has to deliver the 566A to the Village Warehouse. ZiKZ 566A is granted to the player as a part of the reward and player is able to purchase more of this vehicle in the truck store afterwards.

Description [ ]

The 566A is primarily based off the MAZ-502.

Pros [ ]

  • Supports small cargo bed with crane
  • Very good ground clearance
  • Rooftrack support (fuel higher than Step 33-64 «Crocodile», TUZ 16 «Actaeon» and TUZ 108 «Warthog», but has no repair units)
  • 47″ Tires same as TUZ 16 «Actaeon» and TUZ 108 «Warthog»
  • Rear dual wheels, like on Step 33-64 «Crocodile»
  • Good offroader if has high rear, like TUZ 108 «Warthog»
  • More stable than most small trucks, because of wider wheelbase

Cons [ ]

  • Its tires lose to mudtires in deep mud
  • Has no collisions on axles
  • 43″ Mudtires smaller than 47″ Mudtires on TUZ 16 «Actaeon» and TUZ 108 «Warthog»
  • Has no side winch points
  • Stucks in the mud when automatical differential lock is turned on, unlike TUZ 16 «Actaeon» and Step 33-64 «Crocodile»
  • Stucks in the mud when low rear with AWD and Differential lock

Upgrade Locations [ ]

  • IMZ-6 370 engine — The Albany RiverOntario, located just south of the southern watchtower.
  • Raised suspension — Burned ForestOntario, located northeast of first burned warehouse.

Besides that, the truck supports upgrades which available at other trucks:

  • IMZ-6 210 engine — QuarryTaymyr, located in the swamp east of the trailer store
  • LAZ 6 T195 engine — RiftTaymyr, located north of the » Landslide Mapping » contest.
  • LAZ 6 TA240 engine — Flooded FoothillsYukon, located east of the railway station with trailer store.

Gallery [ ]

ZiKZ 566A

With fuel tank attached

With fuel tank attached

With IM50 crane attached

With IM50 crane attached


With repair unit attached

With repair unit attached

With small sideboard bed attached

With small sideboard bed attached

Addon List [ ]

  • LAZ 6 T60
  • LAZ 6 T195
  • IMZ-6 210
  • LAZ 6 TA240
  • IMZ-6 370
  • Stock
  • Raised
  • Balanced
  • Fine-tune
  • Highrange
  • Offroad
  • Highway
    • 47″ UHD I
    • 47″ UHD II
    • 47″ UHD III
    • 47″ UAD I
    • 47″ UAD II
    • 47″ UAD III
    • 47″ Tires ZiKZ 566A
    • 47″ UOD I
    • 47″ UOD II
    • 47″ UOD III
    • 43″ AMHS I
    • 47″ UAD III Rear Chains
    • 47″ UAD III All Chains
    • Stock Medium
    • Extended Medium
    • Advanced Medium
    • High-power Medium
    • Engageable
    • Repair kit ZiKZ 566A
    • Intake Air Filter
    • Wedge-cap
    • Maintainer Frame Addon
    • Small Sideboard Bed
    • IM50 Loading Crane
    • Saddle Low
    • Fuel Tank
    • Fire Tank

    Trivia [ ]

    • Fire Tank add-on is based on a real AC-30 tank used on MAZ-205 fire truck.
    • Inside the ZiKZ 566A’s cabin an issue of actual Russian newspaper — Областная газета — can be found dated from May 31, 2022.
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    SnowRunner: How to unlock Zikz 605R and Cosmodrome garage

    SnowRunner: How to unlock Zikz 605R & Cosmodrome garage in Amur Phase 4

    Sponsored Buy A Tribe Called Cars merchandise

    Here’s a SnowRunner guide to unlock the new Zikz 605R added in Phase 4, which takes place in the Amur region of Russia, plus how to unlock the Cosmodrome garage.

    Whether you are playing Phase 4 on PC using the Public Test Server (PTS) or the release date has been and gone, you will probably want to unlock the Zikz 605R.

    Assuming Saber Interactive has not changed anything between now and the Phase 4 release date on both PC and console, this guide will hopefully get you the Russian 8×8 off-roading beast. Because it’s actually not that easy a process.

    But first. Is it worth getting? I would say yes as it’s a fun truck that thrives off-road and that’s where SnowRunner takes place 99 per cent of the time. Just don’t expect as much versatility as other long bois such as the Azov 73210 and International Paystar 5600TS.

    The Zikz 605R lives in the Cosmodrome map, which has a garage, so first is the task of leaving Urska River. Unfortunately, the tunnel is blocked by a landslide so get your delivery hat on.

    The task, Landslide near the Tunnel, can be found outside the tunnel itself in the north west. You need four Wooden Planks, two Metal Beams and four Service Spare Parts. Then you need to deliver an Equipment Trailer.

    Contracts: Warehouse Trouble (optional but easier) > A Heap of Work (Cosmodrome access) > Rockslide (road clearance) > Stargazer (Zikz 605R reward)

    Please note: Since this task was on the Public Test Server (PTS) the developer has changed a few things as I suspected it would. So keep reading for updates where the video method differs from what is now possible.

    How to unlock Zikz 605R: Get the Steel Rolls

    how to unlock Cosmodrome map (best route to Warehouse)

    Let’s start with the hardest bit. You need two Metal Beams, which are crafted from four Steel Rolls. So you need four cargo slots if you want to do this in one trip. Steel Rolls can be acquired in unlimited fashion from the Warehouse in the centre of Urska River or you can unlock 10 for free by completing Warehouse Trouble (details in a second).

    The problem is the bridge south east of the central Warehouse is broken and sizable rocks and cliffs keep you from getting there. Said bridge also needs metal beams to repair so this journey I’m telling you about is necessary.

    Fortunately, there’s a sneaky route across a Lake Kovd-esque ice field but you need a truck with big wheels and some speed. The reason is that there are two gaps in the ice along the way. So you need to fast, but not so fast you throw your cargo and truck into the freezing waters.

    Exit the garage in your preferred truck. Off-road and powerful makes sense. Save time by pushing your way through the fence on the right inside the garage area, drive through annoyingly dense snow and then head towards where the two ice areas meet.

    Once over the first gap, stick to the left side with the darker blue ice. Keep here and trace the shore until you reach the second more challenging watery gap. Now you will either need speed or hope your truck is rear-heavy enough to keep the front wheels up.

    I actually put a towing repair truck here for emergencies and refuelling – you’re not far from the garage so it’s convenient and potentially a life-saver. Maybe even a crane for tipping over emergencies. Or just bring a friend. If you have any.

    Now go right along more blue ice, avoiding annoying boulders, then up between the trees and left to the Warehouse. Get the four Steel Rolls and come back the way you came.

    At this point you could focus on repairing the bridge to make progress easier for the Service Spare Parts and Wooden Planks but it’s unnecessary if you want to get to the Zikz 605R as fast as possible.

    Once back over the first ice gap, cruise along the right side of the frozen lake as close to or over more boulders. Eventually, you can drive up between the small trees on the right or continue all the way to near the unfinished bridge and go up there. The earlier options are slower but less tippy.

    Alternative (easier) method

    To complete the task Warehouse Trouble, rescue a service trailer and bring it back to the Warehouse. The trailer is located in the north, not far from the Ice Adventure timed event and east of Means of Production. It is also here you unlock the task. Doing so unlocks the second part of the Warehouse and there are 10 free Metal Beams.

    How to unlock Zikz 605R: Get to the Steel Mill

    Now we get to navigate a tricky section to the Steel Mill. The fastest route is the right path, but you will need a powerful truck with big tyres to hug the rocks on the left where there’s an icy patch of death. Or use ice tyres.

    Alternatively, drop down to the icy lake and stick to the right, complete with more happy fun time boulders, until you get past the first pylon on the right. Now try to find a gap between the trees – this isn’t easy but I got the Zikz 605R and trailer to fit.

    Now navigate around the most annoying tree stump ever. Why Saber, why? Then continue along this path, which is a bit tippy so use the low gears to control your speed and you should emerge victorious. Go to the right of a fallen tree halfway along.

    Then take a left at the clearing where there’s a watchtower and then follow this path until you see buildings. That’s your Steel Mill. Go unload the Steel Rolls and turn them into Metal Beams. You’ve earned a tea.

    At this point, you may need some fuel if you used a Thirsty McThirstFace truck. If you can drag a fuel trailer or a friend with fuel, or use a more fuel efficient truck, you can save yourself some extra travel.

    Get to the Landslide

    Now retrace your steps along fallen tree and stumpy road. Metal beams make trucks more tippy so be careful, plus you’re going downhill. If you dislike this route, you can go east of the watchtower and cruise over some rocks then a gap in the forest but it’s tough and slower.

    Keep heading along and either cruise back across the icy rock section or go round as before – your tyre tracks will show your original route unless you reloaded the map. Go past the warehouse bridge and then cruise back along the blue ice as before.

    You drive past the Urska River garage so you could send out a refuelling truck if low on fuel. Saves dragging the metal beams through thick snow. Unless on hard mode, of course, in which case it will cost you to do this.

    Keep following the boulder beach on the left, yet more blue ice, until you get to the crossing. Now some trucks will be able to get through breaking ice, overpowered mod trucks for instance. However, I avoid the risk by going almost past then back on myself on the right side.

    Trace the edge of the water as best you can because the solid path is thin and swimming is a bad idea. It’s actually quite satisfying taking this tricky route – use a low gear and steer carefully.

    Eventually, you’ll see solid blue ice. You can either keep going straight on, up to the road then go right. Or go back on yourself and stick to the left side and then sneak up through the trees where I do or go further down. Neither is challenging.

    Now drop off the Metal Beams at the Cosmodrome entrance. If the tunnel simply says you need to complete a task, go into the menu then locate the task and activate it. The task is called A Heap of Work.

    Now it’s time to go get the four Wooden Planks and four Service Spare Parts from the same Warehouse. Use the exact same route as before. Once all the components have been delivered, you then need to deliver the Equipment Trailer.

    Thankfully, this lives in the south east corner and is connected by road. An icy one, admittedly, but mud tyres can prevail. Hug the sides to get traction and winch away. Once delivered, head into the Cosmodrome.

    How to unlock the Cosmodrome garage

    At this point you might be running low on fuel or your trusty steed is damaged so let’s get to the Cosmodrome garage. Follow the road, cross the broken log bridge pit thing then continue along the tarmac.

    Shortly later, you will see a set of buildings. Cut across the snow on the left or follow the road as it loops back on itself. Go in the garage and voila.

    Find and repair the Zikz 605R

    How to unlock Zikz 605R in Cosmodrome (best route)

    Still reading my how to unlock the Zikz 605R guide? Now we want to leave the Cosmodrome garage in a truck that is a beast off-road although maybe don’t use the overpowered modified TUZ 420 Tatarin seen in some of the clips – that’s just so I can scout different potential routes faster, but it does take away the challenge. Said truck also needs to be able to pull a trailer and have 380 litres of fuel and 168 repair points spare.

    Follow the garage road until you see a task called Rockslide. This needs one Metal Beam so feel free to go get one. Alternatively, skirt round the rock to the left, hugging it as close as possible.

    Once past this slow section, follow the road until you see buildings on the right. Go right here and then look for the Farm Warehouse. Grab yourself two lots of Cement using the two-slot trailer here.

    Update: You now need two Service Spare Parts instead of the Cements, which are available from the same Farm Warehouse. Now take the path north of the warehouse that heads west down to the river.

    Sticking to the right, get to the rocks and then cross over them. There are some big gaps but it’s surprisingly difficult to tip over here. Then follow the road south west to Cliffside Treefall. It’s a steep slope so winch up or enjoy ice tyres. Use the cement to clear the way.

    Now go past the trees, continue along the road as it heads west then south. At the crossroads turn left up to a large Russian complex – the Stargazer mission is just inside to the right. Accept it and start tracking. Another update: Apparently you can also go direct to the Zikz 605R if you prefer, but then you see less of the map.

    Choice time. One is to follow the curved train track to the south as it curves to the south east. If the devs have not patched this trick, you can cruise over the train bridge and then skirt to the right and over a proper bridge to the island where the Zikz 605R lives.

    To do this, take the left side of the church after listening to the creepy singing. Then get onto the icy riverside through the trees. Update: Saber has put a rock here so either go around or follow the church track on the map over the rocks. You have arrived at the Zikz 605R location. Refuel, repair and recover it back to the garage. Good job.

    If sneaking across the train track was impossible, either recover your truck or head back to the stone river crossing from earlier. Follow the main road with the river on your left until you get to a crossroads.

    Now go straight on and either cut across on your left through some trees or follow this road round as it goes east, then south east then go right to the west. You will see a thin bridge onto an island – this is where the church is so do what I said earlier and that’s it. Enjoy your new Russian 8×8.

    Wow, that was an epic. Hopefully, my how to unlock Zikz 605R guide helped you out or maybe you just enjoyed watching.

    Either way be sure to like and subscribe if you’re new round here – this took a while to make. I shall see you in the next video, home slices! Take care, bye.

    ZiKZ 605R

    Vcl zikz 605r

    ZiKZ 605R — грузовик с колёсной формулой 8×8 SnowRunner. Прототипом является реальный советский грузовик МАЗ-537.

    Большегрузный восьмиколесный тягач. Изначально создавался в шестидесятых годах для нужд армии, однако применялся также в сельском хозяйстве и некоторых крупных объектов. Огромные колеса и мощный двигатель обеспечивают ZiKZ 605R устрашающую проходимость по практически любому ландшафту, а также способность тянуть практически любые грузы.

    Описание [ ]

    ZiKZ 605R — это тяжелый тягач, выпущенный в DLC Phase 4 Season 1 для игры SnowRunner. Данная модель — это не лицензированная копия автомобиля МАЗ-537, который был в предыдущей игре серии — MudRunner.

    В отличии от оригинала имеет более обтекаемый вид с некоторыми очень заметными изменениями: имеет более скошенный вид кабины, фары и указатели поворота также заметно меньше, указатели поворота расположены под фарами. Передний бампер также немного меньше и имеет встроенные противотуманные фары и буксировочный крюк, окна имеют более закругленные края. В целом, помимо своего более современного дизайна и более плавных изгибов корпуса, 605R очень похож на свой прототип.

    С точки зрения проходимости 605R практически не остановить на любой местности, кроме дорог покрытых льдом, в виду отсутствия покрышек с цепями. Его массивные 61 дюймовые колеса похожи на более крупный вариант колес скаута TUZ 420 «Tatarin», и позволяют легко преодолевать даже самую глубокую грязь. По сравнению с аналогичными грузовиками размеру и назначению, такими как KOLOB 74760, ZiKZ 605R намного легче, но оснащен идентичным набором двигателей, что дает ему чудовищное соотношение мощности и массы, что еще больше улучшает его характеристики.

    Набор модулей также очень велик, что позволяет ему быть: тягачом седельных прицепов, автокраном, автоцистерной, грузовиком сейсмической разведки, лесовозом, ремонтно-эвакуационным автомобилем, что делает его универсальным грузовиком. Также, можно установить модуль с 600 точками ремонта и 200 литров топлива.

    605R оснащен топливным баком на 380 литров. Его легкий вес и высокое соотношение мощности и веса обеспечивают впечатляющую мощность с экономией топлива выше среднего, что в сочетании с багажником на крыше делает его хорошо подходящим для дальних перевозок с периодическими остановками для дозаправки.

    В виду великолепной проходимости и универсальности, многими игроками считается лучшим грузовиком в игре.

    Улучшения [ ]

    • KZGT-8 490
    • IMZ-8 520 AT
    • KZGT-8 530 Т
    • Специальная
    • Точная регулировка
    • Улучшенная специальная
    • Серийная тяжелая
    • Удлиненная тяжелая
    • Улучшенная тяжелая
    • Тяжелая двухмоторная
    • С воздухозаборником
    • С плоской насадкой
    • Тяжелый кран Avto-23
    • Платформа
    • Модуль с кунгом
    • Модуль лесовоза
    • Сейсмовибратор
    • Бортовая платформа
    • Топливный бак
    • Высокое седло
    • Багажник с ремонтными частями
    • Запасное колесо

    Плюсы [ ]

    • Может сравниться с лучшими внедорожниками, даже с Antarctic и 745C (оба имеют более огромные шины).
    • Побеждает большинство других грузовиков на экстремальном бездорожье.
    • Вмещает много топлива и точек ремонта с особыми модулями.
    • Хорошая устойчивость, почти не переворачивается.
    • Имеет хороший выбор модулей.
    • Хорошее соотношение мощности и веса, что делает его очень хорошим грузовиком для тяжелых грузов.

    Минусы [ ]

    • Нет шин с цепями, что делает его плохим выбором для ледяных карт, таких как Амурская область, но можно выкрутиться, цепляясь колесами с одной стороны снежного покрова или отбойников.
    • Нет модуля «малого крана», что означает, он не может быть оборудован краном + платформой + прицепом.
    • Высокое седло находится не на тумбе как у других грузовиков, а прямо на раме, из-за этого и без того неудобный прицеп может застрять в некоторых местах.

    Местоположение [ ]

    См. также [ ]

    • D-537 — тягач с колёсной формулой 8×8 в MudRunner, прототипом которым является МАЗ-537.

    ZiKZ 566A

    Store ZiKZ556A

    Автомобиль средней грузоподъемности, впервые увидевший свет в конце 50-х годов. По современным меркам это достаточно мощный, но не самый надежный и прожорливый грузовик, однако наличие арочных колес позволяет ему хорошо чувствовать себя в различных дорожных условиях. Оснащен специальным пожарным баком.

    Описание [ ]

    Прототипом 566А является МАЗ-502.

    • Устойчивый.
    • Грузовая платформа с краном.
    • Высокий клиренс.
    • Ремонтный багажник (топлива больше, чем у Step 33-64 «Crocodile», TUZ 16 «Actaeon» или TUZ 108 «Warthog», но без очков ремонта).
    • 47-дюймовые шины такие же, как у TUZ 16 «Actaeon» and TUZ 108 «Warthog».
    • Задняя спарка колес, как у Step 33-64 «Crocodile».
    • Грязевые шины 43″ меньше Грязевых шин 47″ на TUZ 16 «Actaeon» and TUZ 108 «Warthog».
    • Не имеет боковых точек лебедки

    Местоположение [ ]

    Можно получить в награду за задание «Помощь местным жителям 3» на карте Сгоревший лес, Онтарио.

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