Volkswagen caddy typ 9k
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Volkswagen caddy typ 9k

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VW Volkswagen Caddy II Typ 9K/9U 2

Released in 1995, the Volkswagen Caddy Typ 9K, or Volkswagen Polo Caddy, was a light van, designed by Volkswagen’s Spanish subsidiary SEAT, and derived from the SEAT Ibiza 6K, on the Volkswagen Group A03 platform.

It was built in Spain, at the Martorell factory of SEAT, from 1997 to 2003. Its twin, the SEAT Inca, was quickly phased out when the SEAT marque was re aligned as the «sporty» branch of the Volkswagen Group.

It is still in production in Argentina for the Latin American market. It received a cosmetic facelift in 2005, similar to the post 1999 Volkswagen Polo Mk3.

Second Volkswagen Caddy

The second generation of the «cargo-passenger minivan» Volkswagen Caddy was presented in 1995, and its production was carried out at the production facilities of the Seat plant in the Spanish city of Martorell (until 2004, after which it retired).

The Caddy has never been a bestseller in its class, but throughout its life cycle it enjoyed stable demand not only in Europe, but also in Russia.

The «second» Volkswagen Caddy is a representative of the LCV (Light Commercial Vehicles) class, and it was offered in two main body styles: a van and a combi (designed for the transportation of both cargo and passengers).

The external dimensions of the car are 4207 mm long, 1846 mm high and 1695 mm wide. The wheelbase is 2600 mm, and the ground clearance is 176 mm. Depending on the modification, the Caddy’s curb weight varies from 1115 to 1230 kg.

It is worth noting that for some markets “in the second generation” a “Cuddy pickup” was also offered — which received its own “factory index” (Typ 9U) and, in fact, was a Škoda Felicia Pickup with a VW nameplate.

Specifications. The VW Caddy of the 2nd generation was equipped with a wide range of power units that run on both gasoline and «heavy» fuel:

  • The petrol section consists of four 1.4-1.6 liter engines producing 60-75 horsepower and 116-135 Nm of possible torque.
  • Diesel «fours» with a volume of 1.7-1.9 liters have a capacity of 57 to 90 «horses» (peak thrust ranges from 112 to 210 Nm).

All power plants were combined with «mechanics» in five stages.

The “second” Volkswagen Caddy (Typ 9K) is based on the A03 bogie with MacPherson struts on the front axle and leaf spring suspension on the rear axle. Disc mechanisms of the brake system are mounted on the front of the car, and classic drums at the back.

The steering system of this model is equipped with a hydraulic booster.

The owners of the 2nd generation «Cuddy» characterize it as a reliable and unpretentious «hard worker», which is distinguished by a successful design, an ergonomic interior, high-torque and efficient engines, good handling, a spacious cargo compartment in a van solution, solid carrying capacity, low fuel consumption and affordable service cost.

But this VW Caddy is “sinful”: stiff suspension (when driving without load), cheap interior materials and not very comfortable (for long trips) seats.

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English: Volkswagen Caddy Typ 9K (1996-2004) is a badge-engineered SEAT Inca which is based on the same platform with the Volkswagen Polo Mk3.

Volkswagen Caddy Typ 9k; VW Caddy (Typ 9KV); Volkswagen Caddy Typ 9K; Volkswagen Caddy Typ 9K; Volkswagen Caddy (9KV); Type 9KV; Automodell; kjøretøymodell

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Released in 1995, the Volkswagen Caddy Typ 9K, or Volkswagen Polo Caddy, is a light van, designed by Volkswagen’s Spanish subsidiary SEAT, and derived from the SEAT Ibiza 6K, on the Volkswagen Group A03 platform.

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