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Iba off на инфинити qx70

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“IBA OFF” – What Does This Message Mean and What to do?

Infiniti is a car manufacturer based in Japan. Their popular cars are the QX60, QX55, QX50, and more. They are under the family of Nissan, and they are their luxury brand. Engineers in the Japanese-based company developed a way to improve braking systems. This braking system is named IBA, which is what we will talk about in this article.

IBA off message highlights

  • Common reasons:ABS sensor issue, ABS or IBA module problems, software glitch, radar sensor problems
  • How to fix:clean the radar area, read the codes, disconnect the battery for some time
  • Possible consequences:nothing special, IBA won’t work
  • Priority level:Low
  • Can you drive?Yes
  • DIY repair:Possible
  • Repair price range:$50-$400

What is «Intelligent Brake Assist»?

Infiniti utilizes sensors that use lasers to monitor the road ahead of you. If it detects you are getting close to the car in front of you at high speeds, it makes a «beep» sound in order for you to react at the best time possible.

Forward Collision Warning will make this «beep» sound. If you really happen to be late at stepping on the brakes, Infiniti bonded FCW (Forward Collision Warning) to IBA (Intelligent Brake Assist).

This system is connected to the brakes of the car, which applies the brakes for you in order to avoid a rear-end collision. FCW (Forward Collision Warning) and IBA (Intelligent Braking Assist) work hand in hand for your vehicle to brake and drive safely. For this feature to be noticeable, there will be an «IBA OFF» button on your dashboard.

If the light is on in your «IBA OFF» button, it means that Intelligent Brake Assist is off and it’s not functional at the moment. If your «IBA OFF» button is not lit, then the Brake Feature is currently used by the car.

How to utilize IBA

Moving from one place to another is usually the daily life of the majority of people. If these places are too far from each other, the freeway is the best option. The convenience of these freeways is negated by the fact that at high speeds, the chances of getting in an accident are higher.

This is where the IBA System strives. IBA will help lessen these accidents by notifying the driver when they are dangerously close to the car in front of them. Activating IBA, your «IBA OFF» button must be turned off (it does not have a light on). When IBA is activated, it will guide you to properly distance yourself to avoid rear collision accidents.

In the case where you head out of the freeway and get stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic, turning IBA off is ideal. Press the «IBA OFF» button, then wait for it to have a backlight. Signaling that the braking system is off.

Some features in a car overdo their functions. It sometimes confuses the driver’s judgment in certain situations. The FCW (Forward Collision Warning) is not perfect. It just uses data gathered from the sensors in order to do its job. If you are stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic, chances are the FCW will detect you are too close to a vehicle in front of you and warn you to brake.

This warning can be annoying (considering you are annoyed by the heavy traffic you are stuck in) and turning off this feature will help. Be sure to turn this feature on again if you enter the freeway for additional help in driving.

Common Problems with IBA

As previously stated, IBA uses sensors to monitor the vehicle in front. These sensors use lasers to detect the approximate distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front. These sensors can be interfered with by sunlight which can alter their functionality.

However, Infiniti assured buyers that the braking system will automatically turn off if it’s not performing ideally. This will warn you in your dashboard with a blinking «IBA OFF» button. If the «IBA OFF» is blinking, the system cannot be used as the sunlight is bothering the data received. If the sensor is clear from sunlight, the flashing «IBA OFF» button will stop.

Features in cars increase linearly as time goes by. Up to this date, there are cars capable of making you stay in your lane, avoid swerving, warning you if there are cars too close to your sides, and driving on their own.

The only problem with having a lot of features in a car is having a higher chance of malfunction related to these features. That’s why old cars barely break down, they have limited components to break (but more unsafe). Relating to the statement above, IBA (Intelligent Brake Assist) may also malfunction.

This system is operated by the computer box in your car. This Computer Box may hit some potholes and shake too much, hit some debris, submerged in water, or short circuit. Causing some features in your car to malfunction, including IBA. This can be noticed if your «IBA OFF» button is not turning off after pressing it.

What to do when IBA malfunctions?

The first thing you might want to do before heading to the mechanic is to analyze the problem. Features can be new to the owner of the car and not knowing what to do with these features is the root of the problem.

If the «IBA OFF» is lit, it is not being used by the car and if it is not lighting up the feature is being used. If continuously pressing the button did not do the job, try holding the button and it might reboot and work again. Hold the button for 3-5 seconds and it will light up or turn off.

If holding the button does not solve the problem. Most circuits in our cars are protected by fuses. These fuses break if they experience overcurrent, which then protects the circuit. Rather than the whole component being broken, the fuse will carry all the load and break before the component does.

So, the first thing you want to check is the fuses. These are usually located under the dashboard of the driver’s area. After you remove the panel of the fuses, you will see labels in the panel which are mirrored to the layout of your fuses. Find the fuse which is related to the IBA, then check if it is still working.

A way to check if a fuse is still functional is by checking the thin wire in the middle of the fuse. If it is still intact, then the fuse is working. If the wire in the middle is broken, or not connected, then the fuse did its job and is no longer functional.

Just buy a new one in a shop nearby and then install it. Take note that fuses have certain amperage that they can handle. These are usually labeled on top of the fuse. Most fuses have 10 A, 15 A, 20 A, and 30 A. Be sure to buy the identical amperage from your original fuse.

If these two solutions do not work, going to a professional will certainly help. Playing with your vehicle’s electronics is a dangerous game to play. These electronics are like organs in the human body. They need to perform their best so that you can arrive safely at your destination.

So, manipulating these circuits without you knowing what you are doing is too risky. A professional assures you that they can fix the root of the problem and they are trained to do so. They also have access to complicated tools that are specifically built to fix your car.

For example, the computer box in your car can detect malfunctions internally. However, these will not be accessible unless there is an advanced-level scanner connected to your car. These scanners are typically available in various automotive shops near you. And they are trained to read and diagnose using the scanner the malfunction of your car.

But it is not limited to scanning your vehicle’s problem, it can also be used to upgrade or tune your car to whatever purpose you have for it.


Features in your cars are only there to guide you and assist you with your driving. These do not guarantee your safety. They only act as a «second opinion» but you are still the person operating the car. If you are completely dependent on them, chances are a little malfunction in these features and it will lead you to an accident.

The best feature of your car is your judgment and skills. Learning the fundamentals of driving will come a long way and will assure your safety more than the features in your car. You must be able to absorb learning experiences in your day-to-day driving in order for you to be the best driver you can be.

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Панель пропаивал, может не допаял что? Тут была тема, что у человека из-за замены панели не работал и не определялся ICC, но там панель меняли на КМ вместо милей.
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Iba off на инфинити qx70

Hola cuando inicio marcha se me enciende el testigo (IBA OFF) y permanece encendido durante todo el rato y no me deja usar el regulador de velocidad. Puede ser un fallo de centralita?

Enrique a de España hace 5 años
¿Qué chequeos hacer a tu EX antes de viajar?
¿Qué es el líquido de frenos y cuál lleva tu EX?
Enrique a de España hace 5 años
Sigo sin resolver ninguna de mis averias
Enrique a de España hace 5 años

El líquido de frenos es dot4 y esta al maximo pero el problema sigue no creo que sea por el líquido de frenos gracias.

machau de España hace 3 años

Me pasa lo mismo que a ti, lo solucionaste?

Enrique a de España hace 3 años
No en la infiniti me piden 4000€
Todavía no he conseguido que me lo solucionen por otra via
machau de España hace 3 años

Gracias Enrique por contestar, pero te han dicho de donde es el problema y lo que tienen que cambiar?.
Saludos José Manuel

Enrique a de España hace 3 años
Centralita freno automático inteligente
machau de España hace 3 años
Muchas gracias por la información

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Genuine Infiniti IBA Intelligent Brake Assist Switch 25122-1CA0A OEM

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